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August 02, 2010 (02:35 PM)

SUBURBA is $2.99 Today Only on AmazonMP3.com's Daily Deal!

House of Heroes' Suburba To Street August 3 on Gotee Records

Band Secures Tour Dates With The Almost
House of Heroes to release SUBURBA produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K, Deas Vail) and mixed by J.R. McNeely (The Almost, Paramore) tomorrow August 3 on Gotee Records. 
SUBURBA is today's Daily Deal on AmazonMP3.com for only $2.99 (AmazonMP3).  Fans are able to download the album a day early through the Daily Deal, which also includes the exclusive bonus track "Galveston" only available on the AmazoMP3.com version.
So, what does one of the most ambitious records of 2010 sound like?  In many ways it is a time machine, harkening back to days when music was wide-eyed and meant a whole lot more.  Think classic Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, The Who, E.L.O. with a touch of Meatloaf.  That’s right, Meatloaf.  Who else could even attempt to pull of such a mixture than House of Heroes?  Yet, here it is...In one sense, it could fit in arenas.  And in another it is appropriate for the campfire.  Broad and anthemic at certain moments, yet vulnerable and intimate at others.  There are driving, heavy tracks, as well as emotional ballads.  Make no mistake, the band bled to attempt to make this record not just a soundtrack, but an experience. 
The album will also be available at iTunes tomorrow and includes the exclusive bonus song "Patient" (iTunes). 
Look for the band to hit the road on the Monster Monster Tour with The Almost, Chasen and Between the Trees, which kicks off on September 14.
9/14             Lakewood Christian Center             Montgomery, AL
9/15             Sector 7G                                   Hephzibah, GA
9/16             Marathon Church                         Greenville, SC
9/17             Club Relevant                              Virginia Beach, VA
9/18             Shippensburg Fairgrounds              Shippensburg, PA
9/19             Mountain Oak Fellowship                Mitchelleville, MD
9/20             Blue Violet Café                           Rochester, PA
9/21             James R Cox   Auditorium               Knoxville, TN
9/25             Kruse International Park                 Auburn, IN
9/30             Murray Hill Theater                       Jacksonville, FL
10/1             Ground Control                            W. Palm Beach, FL
10/2             H20 Live!                                   Orlando, FL

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