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Lead vocalist/guitarist Lu Rubino and drummer Jordan Mohilowski banded together in 2003 to win the band division of the Exalting Him talent competition. It didn't take long for their unique sound and intense work ethic to entice Detroit native Ron McClelland to join the band on bass and keys. The irrepressible Texan, Preston Pohl soon added his stellar guitar chops to the mix. Since then Storyside: B has patiently honed their diverse backgrounds and musical proclivities into a unique and unified sound which has inspired a mad following of fans who have - in turn - propelled the band into the forefront of the Christian music scene.

"Storyside: B is about making good music," Jordan adds. "Music is a powerful thing. It ministers to me and brings me into a better place, spiritually. But more than that, we're about making music that has eternal value. We may not always see the immediate results, but we believe we are planting seeds in good ground. That is important to us."

Hometown: St. Augustine, FL
Band Members: Lucio Rubino (Vocals, Guitar)
Jordan Mohilowski (Drums)
Preston Pohl (Guitar, Vocals)
Ron McClelland (Bass)

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